Sher Print Posters

Posters are an amazing for advertising services and upcoming events. They can be used to display special offers and essential information.

We can provide a quick turnaround on orders and will work closely with you to ensure you are happy. We can produce small and large quantities.

A4 & A3 can be printed on 150gsm silk, 250 gsm silk and 350 gsm silk.

A2, A1 & A0 can be printed on 250gsm silk, waterproof 220 micron PVC, waterproof 440 micron PVC.  The waterproof options are ideal for outdoor use.

Size Guide:

  • A4 / 210x297mm
  • A3 / 297x420mm
  • A2 / 595x420mm
  • A1 / 840x595mm
  • A0 / 1189x840mm
Sher Print Posters